Tai-Chi Ch'i-Gung Longlife
Health and Beauty Exercise



There are numerous excellent exercise programs available today. We have opted for Tai-Chi Ch'i- Gung primarily because it returns maximum benefit for minimum effort, minimum time, minimum use of space and is easy to learn.

Also, Tai-Chi Ch'i-Gung permitted a program to be structured that includes exercises for all general health needs with special attention to weight control and skin care.

With weight control, the stress is on balance - a person who is too heavy should soon find the fat melting away, whereas the underweight person should find pounds (or kilograms) building up in the right places. Nature will know when to stop taking away or adding on so long as the person doing the exercises does not go to extremes in eating, drinking, or dieting.

Skin problems such as acne seem to be a modern curse accented in many urban areas by air pollution. The exercises are designed to stimulate blood flow, body organs, and all tissues including skin according to the traditional scheme of Chinese medicine. Certainly exercise does help blood circulation which in turn gives the skin a healthy glow. One seldom sees unsightly blotches on the skin of an athlete or dancer.

Tal-Chi Ch'i-Gung has many exercises that are being used in China for various ailments for general health.

The daily program involves 18 exercise routines created by combining the better points of two slow-moving Chinese martial art forms. All 18 can be performed within 15 minutes. You will need only enough space to stand up and take one step forward. That is all!

Music and Video tapes are available as aids, which are highly recommended as they aid concentration and guide your breathing.

Tai-Chi Ch'i-Gung is a combination of Tal Chi Chuan and a special form of Ch'i Gun g. A Shanghai Martial Arts Master named Lin Ho-zan began perfecting the combined form at his school about 30 years ago.

Ch'i Gung has been practiced in China for 3,000 years. It is a breathing exercise that oxygenates the blood and - according to traditional Chinese medical practitioners - lets the energy in the body flow more freely. It has been used in China as a beauty treatment to rejuvenate the skin, clear acne, reduce weight and for the treatment of, or as a cure for, many ailments including High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Obesity, Gastric Ulcers, Schizophrenia, Heart Disease and Cancer. But most important of all if practiced regularly it will keep you in perfect health, feeling and looking young, longer.

Tai Chi Chuan is a relatively young Chinese martial arts form with a history of only some 800 years. It is actively practiced by millions of people in China every day and is considered so beneficial to health that the former British-led government in Hong Kong sponsors classes each year for thousands who want to learn.

Basically it is a slow stretching exercise that traditional Chinese medical practitioners say releases and increases the energy flow of the body. Many Western-trained doctors in Hong Kong who have been in a position to witness the effects of Tai Chi Chuan closely for many years do not hesitate in recommending it. There is no exercise or therapy in the West that is comparable, claims Dr. Janet Fowler of Hong Kong University's Department of Anatomy and a fluent Cantonese speaker. These Western doctors may not accept the traditional explanations of energy flows, but they are convinced the exercises do a maximum body-tone job without the serious side effects that more rigorous exercises have. There are approximately 10 different forms of Tai Chi Chuan and several hundred forms of Ch'i Gung. Tai-Chi Ch'i-Gung is however unique, in that Master Lin's school in Shanghai is the only place where it has been developed.

The 18 very special Tai-Chi Ch'i-Gung Longlife movements have been put together for a 15 minute daily routine.

Each morning immediately on awakening, while still lying in bed, you should raise your arms above your head and stretch every part of your body for about one minute as hard as you can.

Now get up and start with the Long Life 6 basic warm up exercises immediately followed by your LONG LIFE 18 STEPS exercise routines. If you have obtained one of the specially made music cassettes, then use it.

It is very important to do the exercises daily, especially when you feel very tired and while traveling as it will refresh your whole body and assist in overcoming jet lag.

The 18 steps are simple and easy to learn. Take care that you have the correct posture. Your movements must be slow and synchronized with your breathing. You must relax your whole body and concentrate on each movement as you carry it out.

As general rule, during exercises when your body is moving upward you breath in slowly through your nose and pull your stomach muscles in so your diaphragm moves in and up at the same time. During exercises when your body is moving downward, you breath out slowly through your nose pushing your diaphragm down and out at the same time. The tongue gently touching the upper palate throughout the exercises.

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